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When most people think about permanent hair removal, they tend to associate these body hair removal treatments as being predominantly for women. However, Laser by Sia also offers significant benefits with men’s hair removal treatments.

Many men struggle with self-esteem issues caused by unwanted body hair. This has become especially prevalent since glossy magazines and TV commercials highlight the male physique as being virtually hair free.

This is where some subtle and carefully considered man-scaping can be a blessing. Having laser hair removal treatment on areas where unwanted body hair is growing can reduce the amount of body hair significantly.

Body hair removal treatments may include reducing the amount of hair growing on the back or shoulders, both areas that many men feel self-conscious about. Likewise, facial hair removal can help to limit the amount of hair that grows outside of traditional beard lines, such as high up on the cheeks or even on the backs of the ears.

While some men may have experimented with home hair removal treatment options, they don’t tend to consider laser clinics as their first option. This is predominantly due to the misconception that laser hair removal prices will be too expensive.

The skilled professionals at Laser by Sia recommend that all clients take the time to accurately compare the cost of alternative treatments that need to be repeated every month for years to come with the cost of laser hair removal treatments. The initial cost for the first treatments won’t be continued once the hair stops growing in treated areas. By comparison, shaving and waxing need to be repeated very regularly, incurring ongoing costs that end up being far more expensive than the cost of laser treatments.

The team at Laser by Sia encourage customers to call and book a consultation to discuss individual treatment requirements. This helps to ensure that the best treatment options are offered in order to achieve the best possible results.

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