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Youthful skin is firm and supple. Over time, however, skin loses the elasticity that keeps it young and healthy looking. Until now, the only options available were plastic surgery and costly silicone injections. Solutions certainly couldn’t be found in a laser clinic. Sydney residents now have a new option offered at Laser by Sia.

The patented technology used to firm and tighten skin in the city laser clinic at Laser by Sia uses magnetic pulses along with radio frequencies to firm skin at its dermal layers. That’s what makes this particular skin treatment so unique. There are no others that use the combination of magnetic pulses along with radio frequencies or that reach all the way down to the dermal layers.

Part of the benefits of this particular type of treatment is that it stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and elastin, rather than relying on topical synthetic products that can only help so much.

It isn’t necessary to endure painful injections, invasive surgeries that require long recovery periods, or daily visits to the skin laser clinic for the next level of treatment. With one painless treatment, the skin care customer can begin the path to younger, firmer skin.

The technology offered is the only of its kind in a skin care clinic. Sydney residents can take advantage of the same treatments being used in medical facilities in Europe at half the cost of Thermage and minus the recovery time and pain. This treatment can’t be found at any other laser clinic Sydney has to offer.

Why is this treatment better than Thermage and other well-known skin firming treatments? The primary reason is that though other treatment options work, they also do harm to the skin in exchange for a better appearance. The Laser by Sia method works by promoting the production of the same collagen and elastin but without doing damage to the skin first. This treatment option alone may make Laser by Sia the best laser clinic Sydney City has to offer.