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Getting rid of unwanted facial hair doesn’t have to involve messy creams or painful waxing. Laser hair removal from the specialists at Laser by Sia can eliminate hair for good.

It’s surprising that so many people overlook the benefits of laser hair removal treatment. Instead, they opt for facial hair removal options that can be messy, painful and expensive.

As an example, visiting a waxing salon to get hair on the top lip, the chin, or even the eyebrows waxed isn’t cheap. Add to this the pain of having hair ripped out by the roots and the resulting red rash on the skin for some time afterwards and it doesn’t make sense. To make matters worse, the hair grows right back again within a couple of weeks, which means more money spent on the same treatments month after month.

On the other hand, permanent laser hair removal takes just minutes and is virtually pain free. The hair in treated areas can’t grow back, as the follicles are destroyed. This leaves skin smooth and hair free for a very long time.

Before judging the laser hair removal prices shown on a brochure or website, always consider that after the first few treatments the costs stop. This can’t be said of waxing or buying depilatory creams or razors on a regular basis over years. Adding up the costs properly should indicate that permanent hair removal is a far more cost effective option.

Most laser clinics offer women’s and men’s hair removal treatment. The skilled team at Laser by Sia offer a range of body hair removal treatments including facial hair removal for the sensitive and delicate facial area. It makes no difference whether the treatment area is relatively small, such as on the top lip or a few stubborn hairs growing from the chin, or more sensitive areas such as a complete Brazilian treatment, or even men’s hair removal on the back or shoulders. The key is to discuss options with a skilled technician at Laser by Sia prior to commencing any treatments.

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