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Permanent hair reduction treatments offer men and women the ideal way to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and effectively. Laser by Sia is one of the premier laser clinics in Sydney offering a range of laser treatments and cosmetic skin care options.

Finding ways to eliminate unwanted body hair has been a bane for many men and women around the world for decades. Many of them resort to painful and messy waxing in an attempt to reduce body hair. Some decide to shave, while others stick to hair removal creams. Yet none of those treatments offers a permanent solution, so clients are forced to pay more money to repeat their efforts month after month.

This is where laser hair removal can be so effective for the vast majority of clients. Laser treatments destroy the hair follicle so it cannot grow back. Knowing that reducing the amount of hair that grows back makes it an extremely cost-effective option.

Many people assume that laser clinics in Sydney only deal with laser hair removal treatments. What they may not realise is that some of these clinics also specialist in medical-grade cosmetic skin care treatments as well.

Services available may include pigmentation removal using state-of-the-art technology to reduce the appearance of dark spots, skin spots or age spots. This type of treatment may also be ideal for removing freckles in some clients.

Other treatments may include fast and effective cellulite removal that is completely non-invasive. This allows clients to get rid of cellulite without the risks associated with undergoing painful surgery. What’s more, the treatments available at Laser by Sia are considerably more cost-effective as compared to the steep price tag that comes with surgery.

The professional team at Laser by Sia strive to work with each individual client to uncover the best possible treatments to suit each of them personally. This is done via an initial consultation to determine what results are sought, and then discussing various treatment options to work out which will help them achieve the results they want.

For more information about the professional services available at their laser clinics in Sydney, Castle Hill or Bondi Junction, please visit