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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and laser systems for hair removal are moving right along with the rest of technology. Laser by Sia, the only laser clinic Sydney offers that gives residents the latest laser hair removal technology available today at startlingly affordable prices.

Laser by Sia is the first and only Australian laser clinic to offer the fourth generation Candela Gentlelase Pro Laser for hair removal. The advances in this particular laser are light years beyond anything else currently on the market. Lasers that are used in laser clinics, Sydney and beyond, have gone through many changes over the years. The first lasers used multiple wavelength technology while the newest lasers on the market are extremely precise and powerful lasers. This particular laser promises excellent results for hair removal and so much more.

This technology is the first of its kind to be offered in any Australian city laser clinic and is extremely exciting because it offers permanent hair reduction results in as few as eight sessions. This has been virtually unheard of up until this point. The results are amazing and hair either grows in lighter and thinner at this point or simply doesn’t return at all.

But this laser isn’t only about hair removal. This laser is delivering exceptional results when it comes to reducing darker pigmentations. People who have freckles, age spots, and other discolouration of the skin are finding the lasers to be truly impressive. Even better is the fact that these lasers release thermal heat that can also be used to treat skin that is sagging as well as wrinkles. What more can anyone ask for from a skin care clinic?

By offering the latest technology available in Australia, Laser by Sia is putting the competition in somewhat of a stranglehold. They simply have the best equipment that’s available today in any skin laser clinic throughout Australia making them a force in the Sydney area for anyone who is interested in hair removal and other anti-aging laser treatments. Visit: to learn more about the latest advances in laser technology and the various services Laser by Sia has to offer today. It won’t take long to see why many people believe it’s the best laser clinic Sydney City has to offer.