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Trying to eliminate unwanted body hair can be frustrating, even though there are plenty of home hair removal treatment products available. The problem most people have is that the treatments available don’t give them the hair-free results they really want.

It is important to compare various hair removal treatments and products to find the best one for you. Below are some of the most common hair removal treatments available.

  • Razor. Perhaps the quickest option for immediately body hair removal is shaving. Men commonly use razors for facial hair removal, but in order to remain clean shaven they usually need to shave daily to remove the stubble that comes right back immediately.

The same is true for many women. Shaving legs, underarms and bikini lines every day might seem quick, but razors can damage and cut sensitive skin, causing irritation, rashes and unsightly bumps, not to mention increasing the risk of ingrown hairs.

  • Creams. Hair removal creams may seem like an easier option, but in reality the smelly and often messy creams don’t always remove hair fully. Aside from this, the hair root and follicle are still in place so hair always grows right back again.
  • Wax. Another popular option is waxing. Plenty of people book into waxing salons every few weeks for hair removal treatments on a regular basis. They seem to believe that ripping hair out by the roots painfully every month will save them time on shaving in the weeks between.

What they’re overlooking is that wax is not the most hygienic option, especially if you’re treating the bikini line or going for a full Brazilian treatment. Hot wax that may have been sitting in the same heating pot for some days is smeared onto your skin using an applicator. While the salon employee might decide to get a brand new applicator for your appointment, remember that it’s being spread onto your skin and then dipped back into the pot for more wax several times during your appointment. The same thing happened with multiple customers before you that same day.

  • Laser. Professional laser hair removal clinics give you the option of removing body hair permanently. This actually helps to reduce your overall costs, as you don’t have the ongoing purchases of razors or depilatory creams to think about. You also don’t have to waste time each day maintaining your hair free look.

Instead, permanent laser hair removal actually kills the hair follicle so that hair in treated areas can’t grow back. This type of effect generally takes around four to six treatments for most people to achieve this effect, but there are no further treatments required after that point.

A good skin laser clinic will offer both women’s and men’s hair removal treatments and your consultant will advise you how many treatments you’re likely to need based on your own skin tone and hair colour.

If you’re considering laser hair removal in Bondi Junction, call the professional team at Laser by Sia to discuss your options. A consultant will explain the procedures and work out the best way to help you get the results you want. They’ll also discuss laser hair removal prices specific to the areas you want treated.

Laser by Sia offers three conveniently located laser clinics for laser hair removal in Sydney, so choose one that is handy for you and book in your appointment today.