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At Laser By Sia, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest with clients and potential clients alike. This is why we aim to give you not only the facts about our clinics, but also everything you need to know before embarking on laser hair removal with any clinic.

Before deciding on a laser hair removal clinic, you need to know:

Does the clinic use the latest, most advanced technology, or older laser equivalents, like IPL? New technology, like our alexandrite technology, uses a single, precise wavelength of light to target the melanin in a hair follicle precisely, meaning fewer treatments in the long run. Older IPL technology uses an array of wavelengths, making it not as effective and therefore more expensive in the long term.

Does the clinic lock you into treatments you may not need? Some clinics only offer set packages for laser hair removal, meaning you end up paying for sessions you may not need. At Laser By Sia, we give you various payment options, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Does you clinic promise unrealistic results? Laser cannot effectively treat certain hair and skin types. Similarly, some clinics may call laser ‘permanent’ but this is not strictly true, as you may need a touch-up session or two in the future.

At Laser By Sia, we use the latest technology and are upfront with you about your expected results, payment options and the effectiveness of the treatments. Contact us now!