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The vast majority of people who think about laser hair removal treatments automatically think about eliminating unwanted body hair from around the bikini line. While a little landscaping around the bikini line is a great way to keep skin hair-free and silky smooth, there are also plenty of other areas where laser hair removal treatments can be equally as effective.

Here are some of the most popular laser hair removal treatments requested by clients at most laser clinics:

Underarm Hair Removal

Australian women prefer the clean shaven look of hairless underarms. Unfortunately, shaving daily can leave ugly stubbles or result in a five-o-clock shadow as it grows right back again. There is also the discomfort of nicking or cutting the skin as you shave, which can be painful. A skin laser clinic can help to eliminate growth of hair under your armpits with permanent laser hair removal.

Facial Hair Removal

Men grow up with the awareness that they are expected to shave their faces daily to maintain that smooth clean-shaven look. However, plenty of women also experience facial hair growth too.

For women, sprouting a few random whiskers under the chin or on the sides of your jaw can be embarrassing, leading many to use depilatory creams or even resort to shaving to get rid of that growth. Laser clinics offer quick and painless facial hair removal treatments for both men and women that can be almost permanent.

Body Hair Removal

Another popular laser hair removal treatment requested at many clinics is for larger sections of body hair removal. Some women struggle to keep legs silky smooth, especially if they experience thick, dark hair growth. Likewise, many men feel self-conscious about having excessive hair growth on their chest, back, or shoulders.

Permanent hair removal treatments can be ideal for larger sections where body hair needs to be eliminated, as treatments are quick and painless, but the results are extremely long-lasting.

Hair Removal for Sensitive Areas

One of the more popular laser treatments requested is also one of the least frequently discussed. Many people book consultations with laser hair removal clinics to ask discreet questions about removing hair from areas they are embarrassed about.

For some women, it may be permanently removing hair growing around the nipples or in a snail-trail down the stomach from the belly button. Men’s hair removal problems often stem from embarrassing hair growth on the ears that cannot be controlled by regular plucking or waxing.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The laser treatment that has grown enormously in popularity in recent years is the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. More women are making the change to removing all their pubic hair to be completely hair-free. Trying to achieve a silky smooth appearance with waxing or shaving is almost impossible, but laser treatments make it much easier to maintain that clean, smooth look over the long term.

Regardless of where you need to remove unwanted body hair, the benefits of laser hair removal treatments are enormous. The procedure is quick and easy and does not involve the pain endured with waxing. What’s more, the results are long-lasting with most clients achieving permanent hair removal after a few short sessions.

If you are thinking about laser hair removal treatments, why not book a consultation with a professional clinic today. Laser by Sia, the top skin laser clinic in Sydney, can be found in three locations – Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, and Bondi Junction. Visit us now to discuss your goals and how we can give you the best method of treatment to suit your individual needs.