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Excess body hair is considered unsightly by modern society, which has led to the development of a massive industry dedicated to its removal. One problem many people face is the fact that hair has the bad habit of growing back relatively quickly. While that is a great thing when it is on your head, when it grows back so quickly on your body, it can be quite annoying. However, thanks to Laser by Sia, a highly advanced and reputable laser clinic in Sydney, you no longer have to worry about in-grown hairs or even hair growing back a few weeks after you have just had it removed.

Hair Removal Is Not Quite New

Some people believe that hair removal is a trait of modern society due to skimpier clothing. This is not actually true. There are records that show people have been removing body hair for thousands of years, as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. In fact, at one point in the Roman Empire, removal of body hair was a status symbol – people who had their body hair removed were generally from the upper classes.

The methods used for hair removal were quite similar to some of the techniques used today. For example, they used a type of razor, first made from stone and then bronze, to shave hair off. Other methods involved the use of a piece of string that was rubbed against the hair and skin, to tear the hair out. Sugaring was also an ancient practice used for hair removal. Another popular method involved the use of tweezers to remove hair, which was a time-consuming process.

While many of these methods are still in use today, albeit in a somewhat more evolved form, they still pose numerous problems. Shaving, for example, can lead to cuts, shaving rash and ingrown hairs, which are incredibly uncomfortable. And this does not stop nor slow down hair growth.

Waxing might offer long term results, but it still only gives you a week or two of smooth skin. Unfortunately, it also has the habit of causing ingrown hairs and is extremely painful.

Effective Long-Term Hair Removal from Top Hair Clinic in Sydney

Laser by Sia is a highly reputable laser clinic in Sydney for a good reason. Not only do they offer the most advanced laser technology for hair removal, but the staff is also subjected to rigorous testing and ongoing training, ensuring that their customers get the best possible results.

Thanks to the combination of advanced technology and experienced staff, this laser clinic is able to offer permanent hair removal. Using a Candela Alexandrite laser which targets melanin in the hair follicle, they are able to effectively stop hair from growing by destroying the follicle.

Not only are the results permanent, only requiring touch-ups once or twice every year at most, the process is also quick and painless. For example, it only takes five minutes to treat a small area, like a bikini line, hairline or underarms. Large areas, such as your legs, back or arms only require 15 to 30 minutes to treat.

With Laser by Sia, you can enjoy silky smooth skin for the long-term, without having to worry about nasty ingrown hairs. In fact, the treatment will cure your existing ingrown hairs and ensure that you have beautiful, hair-free skin at all times.