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Laser treatment for facial hair is one of the most effective ways you can rid yourself of unwanted hair. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal anywhere on their bodies but removing facial hair with the aid of lasers is especially beneficial for men who have to shave often due to quick hair growth.

While there is little question regarding the benefits of laser hair removal, to get its full benefits without any negative side-effects, you have to determine and choose the right clinic to perform the procedure. So here are a few things to consider in choosing the correct laser clinic for you:


The first thing you should do is make a list of the laser clinics in your area and do a bit of research on them online. Search for customer reviews and see how satisfied people are with their services. While a clinic’s website will tell you the products and services they offer and even customer testimonials, a quick online search will give you a more balanced view of their services. After all, no company is going to feature negative reviews on their website.

However, you also need to remember that people are more apt to go online and criticise. In fact, only a small percentage of satisfied customers will send a positive review whereas most dissatisfied people will leave scathing reviews. So keep this in mind if you find that out of every ten reviews, nine are negative.

Do not forget to look into the issues people had as well because some may just involve very minor problems, like the clinic taking too long to answer the phone or inquiry or something similar.

Visit the Clinic

Once you have decided on a clinic, schedule a visit to get a feel of their premises. Many clinics also offer free consultations so which you can avail of on your visit – this can give you a clear idea of the clinic’s products and services, and even the proficiency of the professionals employed there as well.

During your consultation, ask as many questions as possible. Ask what type of laser they use and what the procedure entails. Certain lasers are better than others for hair removal and a state-of-the-art laser will deliver faster results with less risk of side-effects. Also inquire regarding the duration of the treatment and what results you can expect, whether you want laser hair removal for underarms, legs or a Brazilian.

It is also acceptable to inquire regarding the staff’s experience and expertise. Of course, you do not want someone who has no idea what they are doing using a laser on you. You need to make sure that the person in question has plenty of experience with laser hair removal, especially the type you require. Also ensure that the technician is up-to-date with the latest techniques in laser hair removal.

Procedure Price Tag

Last but certainly not least, you need to inquire about the clinic’s laser hair removal price list. While price may not be the main factor you to base your decision on, if all the clinics you are considering offer more or less the same services, then price will matter. So, check the prices and see which clinic fits your budget best. But do not forget, a clinic might seem to offer more competitive prices but you might find out later that you need more sessions because the treatment area is smaller compared to another clinic.

Laser by Sia employs only the most experienced and qualified clinicians so you can be rest assured that you are in very capable hands. Based in Sydney, Laser by Sia features the latest laser technology for hair removal, which is completely safe and effective. In fact, their laser treatment for facial hair is highly recommended as it targets the melanin in the follicle and leaves the surrounding skin undamaged, meaning that it can be used in highly sensitive areas as well.