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Laser By Sia has long been trusted as the skin clinic that brings its clients the latest in skin technology. Now, with the announcement that we are the first clinic in Australia to secure the latest in laser hair removal technology from the U.S., our reputation is strengthened even further.

Laser hair removal has undergone some amazing advancements in recent years, evolving from the initial laser hair removal equivalents, such as IPL, which use a variety of light wavelengths, to the newest and latest in Alexandrite laser hair removal, which uses a single, precise wavelength for targeted results.

Currently, we are the first and only clinic in Australia to offer this new laser technology.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses light energy, which is converted into heat energy. This heat energy then targets the melanin in the hair follicle and significantly damages that hair follicle. After around 8-10 sessions, the hair follicle becomes so damaged it can’t support hair growth any more.

Laser By Sia is committed to offering our clients the very best in laser hair removal, and otherskin care technology, so you get the results you want for a price you can afford. So visit Laser By Sia now and enjoy the results the very latest in laser hair removal technology can give you!