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Summer is the time for bikinis and fun. It is also the time that many people, men and women, consider getting a full brazilian wax.

So you may be interested in knowing that laser technology can also give you a full brazilian, with two distinct advantages over waxing: no ingrown hairs and less hair growth over time.

No matter what your waxer tells you, waxing does not result in less hair growth in the long term. Which means you have to drag yourself to the waxing salon every four to six weeks throughout summer, as well as suffer ingrowns and regrowth in between.

Laser technology will give you a full brazilian without these hassles. Laser hurts no more than a full brazilian wax, and after your recommended number of treatments, the treated hair follicles will no longer be able to grow hair properly. For most people this means smooth, hair free skin that can be maintained with a laser treatmentjust once or twice a year!

You also don’t have to wait for hair to regrow to get your next treatment, and because the laser stops the hair from growing instantly, you will have no more ingrown hairs.

So don’t spend the summer maintaining your full brazilian, see Laser By Sia and get a full brazilian that lasts!