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When it comes to hair removal, price only seems to factor in when we are undergoing a major procedure. The amount of money we spend on razors, waxing, and any other traditional hair removal treatment seems to be completely forgotten when faced with the slightly higher laser hair removal cost. But is it really more expensive or is it only our imagination?

Working Out the Cost Per Unit

It might sound a little strange to work out the cost per unit for hair removal, and it can be pretty difficult to do. Of course, it all depends on the unit you are referring to. Trying to work out the cost per unit of hair is going to take close to eternity to achieve.

The fact is that the only way to really work out the cost of hair removal in terms of units to be able to make a real comparison of laser hair removal cost and the expense of other types of hair removal techniques is to look at time. Basically, how much does it cost you to stay hair-free for a day. The resulting price can be multiplied to allow for a more accurate comparison.

When it comes to shaving, you will have to do it practically every day to stay hair-free. Thus, even though the cost per razor might be small, the number of razors you have to use in a year, for example, makes the price sky-rocket.

With waxing it is pretty much the same thing. While it is more expensive than shaving, the results are nowhere near those of permanent laser hair removal. After all, you have to get waxed at least every few weeks. And then there’s the embarrassment in the meantime because you need to let the hair grow out a bit before you can get waxed again. In other words, waxing can get pretty expensive too.

Now, laser hair removal cost might seem high by comparison, when you look at the price of a session, but then consider the fact that you will be hair free for years and you will only need a session or two per year to maintain the results. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it also saves time and you can be sure you will never experience those uncomfortable moments when you just did not have time to go through your body hair removal routine.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Compared to Electrolysis

Another method that deliver results in terms of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy and painful procedure and even if the price seems more attractive at first, in the end, it is much more expensive than laser hair removal because of the number of treatments it requires. Remember that electrolysis utilises a needle to treat each follicle individually, everything from facial hair removal to full body hair removal can take a long time, which means it ends up being pretty expensive.

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