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Laser facial hair removal can change lives. Suddenly, those who suffered from embarrassing facial hair can finally be rid of the problem and enjoy the boost in confidence this achieves.

Many women and men suffer from unwanted facial hair, be it hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin or forehead. Previously, the only way to remove this hair was to wax or shave daily, and risk the stubble, razor rash and ingrowns these types of hair removal methods entail.

But laser facial hair removal is different. It will take longer and longer to grow back until, after the completion of your recommended number of treatments, the hair will either not grow back at all, or only require a treatment or two per year to keep it at bay.

Even more amazing is that laser facial hair removal results in no ingrown hairs again, ever. So for effective, discreet laser facial hair removal, visit Laser By Sia in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill or Bondi Junction.