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Did you know that laser hair removal is not only fantastic for hair removal, but also for ingrown hair removal? This is because your laser hair removal treatment not only instantly stops the treated hair from growing, it also kills any infection in the hair follicle.

When you wax or shave your hair, some of the hairs to break off just below the skin rather than being pulled from the follicle. This hair, which now has a blunt tip, does not stop growing because these hair removal methods do not damage the hair follicle.

As the hair continues to grow, sometimes the blunt tip cannot break back through the surface of the skin, and the hair continues to grow under the skin. The hair follicle releases sebum to help lubricate the hair as it grows. This sebum keeps being released, even if the hair is ingrown, and this sebum builds up in the follicle, sometimes causing infection.

Why laser works for ingrown hair removal

Laser hair removal is fantastic for ingrown hair removal because the instant you treat the follicle, the hair stops growing and the sebum stops being released. The heat from the laser kills of any infection and the ingrown starts healing from your first treatment. Laser will also prevent any new ingrowns from occurring. So contact Laser By Sia for ingrown hair removal today!