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Many people struggle to deal with unsightly, painful ingrown hairs. This condition occurs when hair continues to grow beneath the skin’s surface. In some cases, the follicle can also become infected, causing the location of the ingrown hair to swell with pus and become very painful.

Squeezing an infected ingrown hair can cause terrible scarring, so most people look for alternative treatments instead.  There are creams, lotions, and ointments available that are supposed to help remedy ingrown hairs. However, these do not always have the effects you want.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

It’s long been known that waxing or shaving can cause ingrown hairs. In fact, anything that causes hair to break off unevenly at the skin’s surface can cause a hair to grow inward beneath the skin. For some people, constantly wearing tight clothing can trigger an ingrown hair.

Home Treatments for Ingrown Hair

Many people resort to using tweezers to try and remove the offending hair from beneath the skin. Unfortunately, this can result in further infection, especially if you need to break the skin to reach the hair.

Another option could be to re-consider your home hair removal treatment choices. If you regularly shave and you suffer with ingrown hairs, you may want to use a different alternative for your body hair removal regime.

Some people may opt to use a depilatory cream instead of damaging the skin’s surface with a razor. Others opt for painful and messy waxing. Unfortunately, both alternatives are temporary options and can still cause more ingrown hairs to appear.

Treating Ingrown Hairs Permanently

Laser hair removal treatment offers significant benefits for anyone suffering with ingrown hairs. As the laser targets each individual hair follicle, even the ones growing beneath the skin are treated. The laser targets the follicle so that it cannot support any regrowth.

Permanent laser hair removal treatments are virtually painless and each session is quick and easy. There’s no hot wax to worry about and no violent yanking hair out by the roots. Instead, the laser sends a pulse of light and heat into the follicle that lasts for a fraction of a second.

If you already have ingrown hairs, treating them with laser can stop them from progressing any further. You also won’t have the issue of new ingrown forming, as hair in the surrounding treated areas won’t grow.

Consult with a Professional Skin Laser Clinic

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with painful ingrown hairs, consider booking a consultation with a professional skin laser clinic. Your technician will advise you on the best course of treatment for your particular hair and skin type and suggest options to suit your needs. Laser by Sia is the top skin laser clinic in the Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, and Castle Hill areas, and would be able to provide you with permanent laser hair removal using only the best and latest laser technology.

There are plenty of other benefits to permanent body hair reduction and even facial hair removal. Aside from not being plagued by ingrown hairs, you also do not have to worry about shaving every day or getting to the salon every few weeks to wax.  You have the ability to reduce unwanted body hair quickly and easily and ensure that any regrowth is very minimal.

So rather than continue to suffer with ingrown hairs, consider ways to remove the problem permanently. You’ll benefit by having smoother, hair-free skin in the long run.