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There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal treatments. However, the horror stories circulating among pregnant women seem to be rampant.

Many seem to believe that going in for a laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy carries a greater risk of leaving scarring on the skin. This is just not true. Skilled technicians in laser clinics get to hear all types of wild and wonderful stories circulating, so it is time to put some of them to rest.

Rapid Regrowth after Permanent Hair Removal

One of the biggest problems some pregnant women may face is that they may experience some hair regrowth. After spending money on permanent laser hair removal treatments, women expect the hair will not grow back.

Yet when you are pregnant, the hormones within your body change. Those hormonal changes can trigger hair regrowth, even if you have had a laser hair removal treatment. Rather than think your laser treatments are not working, remember that your body is going through significant changes while your baby is growing.

Once you have given birth, you can book in with your laser clinic and have a touch up treatment done. You should find that unwanted body hair will be easily controllable again once your hormones settle down.

New Hair Growth in Unusual Places

Another issue many pregnant women struggle with is growing body hair in places it never grew before. A prime example of this is sprouting hair under the chin and along the neck line.

Again, the hormones at work in your body will be responsible for a large amount of new body hair growth. Some women consider using depilatory creams to keep any new hairs under control or even plucking them out during their pregnancy. But these creams are not recommended for pregnant women. Try to avoid shaving also if you can, as the stubble regrowth can look even worse than the hairs you are trying to remove.

The best hair removal treatment during pregnancy is laser treatment. It is safe for pregnant women unlike other hair removal methods such as bleaching and with the use of hair removal creams.

Fertility Worries

Some people fear that having laser hair removal treatment anywhere near their ovaries or around their genitalia might affect their fertility levels. It is important to keep in mind that there is no actual scientific evidence that the laser treatments used for body hair removal penetrate deeply enough through all your skin, tissue, muscle and fat layers to affect your fertility levels.

Believe it or not, the people who work at your local skin laser clinic also hear this question from men as well as women. There are some men who are quite keen on the idea of ‘man-scaping’. Opting for laser treatment for men’s hair removal around the genital area sometimes sparks worry about affecting their own fertility levels too. The lasers used will not affect a man’s ‘swimmers’, so body hair removal is safe for men or women.

If you are concerned about the effects of laser hair removal treatments before, during, or after your pregnancy, take the time to book a consultation with a professional laser clinic. The technicians at Laser by Sia will be able to answer all your questions and ease your worries. We will take the time to sit with you and discuss all your options properly before any course of treatment is decided.