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Full body laser hair removal is considered to be one of the most efficient and hygienic procedures to remove excess body hair once and for all. Not only do laser treatments provide near-permanent hair removal, but the procedure itself is much more hygienic with fewer risks of infections than any other hair removal procedure.

Lasers vs Razors

The razor is probably one of the most popular tools for the removal of excess hair. This comes as no surprise considering how quickly one can remove unsightly facial and body hair with a razor. Nevertheless, there are numerous drawbacks to using one:

First of all, shaving offers temporary results. In fact, some men have to shave daily because their hair grows back so quickly, while women can only get away without shaving for a few days. Frequent shaving can lead to unpleasant skin issues, such as rashes and even the removal of the upper layers of skin. Shaving can also cause microscopic cuts on your skin, which can easily become infected if you are not using a sterile razor or in an unclean environment.

Another common shaving problem is ingrown hairs, which can also become infected. An ingrown hair grows under the skin and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to develop, which is what causes those painful, unsightly bumps.

Lasers, on the other hand, is entirely hygienic by their very nature. First of all, nothing touches your skin. The laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle, heating it up so that hair follicle becomes damaged and too weak to support hair growth. Not only does this mean that your skin will not suffer any damage but it also means that you avoid the issue of ingrown hairs because the hair simply stops growing.

Laser treatments are also an excellent way to cure existing ingrown hairs because lasers can destroy bacteria. They also stop the hair from growing, which means there is no risk of ingrown hairs. Existing ingrown hairs are simply absorbed and eliminated by your body.

Of course, another benefit of laser hair removal is that the results are almost permanent. Once all the hair has been removed, you only require one or two sessions per year to maintain your silky smooth skin. The only other type of hair removal that can even compare in terms of results is electrolysis, which is a lengthy and more expensive process.

The Cost of Hair Laser Removal in Sydney

Laser hair removal cost is not expensive at all when one considers that only a few short sessions are required to get rid of the hair in the first place, with only a few touch-ups once or twice a year. Compare that to getting waxed every few weeks or to electrolysis, where a needle has to be inserted into each follicle, and you can see the cost benefits of resorting to laser.

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