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One of the main reasons why so many people don’t consider getting permanent hair removal treatments is that they fear the laser hair removal prices. Many seem to believe the initial treatments will break the budget and so they choose options that they think will be cheaper for them.

Home Hair Removal Treatments

In an effort to get rid of unwanted body hair, many people try home hair removal treatments. For a large portion of people, this often means shaving the hair in any area they want to remain hair free.

Good quality razors can be quite expensive. Replacing blades regularly on good razors is also an additional cost that most people don’t stop to think about. There’s also the issue of having to keep spending that money over and over again, as the hair always grows right back from the moment you’ve shaved it. For most people, this means shaving on a daily basis, so you end up spending more time and money than you realise.

Another option some people try at home is depilatory creams for their home body hair removal efforts. These creams are supposed to kill the hair so it withers up and can be washed away. Unfortunately, the hair follicle still remains intact, so the hair grows right back again. If you add up the cost of your time and effort, plus the cost of the cream on a regular basis, it’s not always the cheap option most people expect.

Hair Removal Salons

In an effort to reduce the amount of time and money spent on body hair removal, lots of people book appointments at hair removal salons. These salons use hot wax poured onto sensitive skin and covered with a linen strip. The hair sticks to the wax and the strip is then pulled away quickly to rip the hair out by the roots.

While the hair roots may be gone, the follicle is still intact. This means the hair may take a little longer to grow back, but it definitely returns in around 3 to 4 weeks. At that point, you need to book another appointment to have the painful and messy treatments done all over again.

Laser Hair Removal at Skin Laser Clinics

An alternative to the above methods is the option of permanent laser hair removal. Professional hair removal clinics use high quality lasers to target the hair follicles in treated areas. The treatments are virtually painless and they’re very quick, so there’s no inconvenience to your day.

Once you’ve completed your initial laser hair removal treatment sessions you should find that hair just doesn’t grow back easily. This leaves skin smooth and hair free. It takes approximately eight sessions or more for most of the hair to stop growing altogether, but after that there’s no additional cost of going back for more treatments month after month.

Laser clinics can remove unwanted body hair in almost any area of the body, whether that’s hair on the legs, bikini line, or underarms. Most laser clinics also offer facial hair removal for those who want the hair on their upper lip or chin zapped.

All clinics will offer services for women’s or men’s hair removal treatments, as lasers can treat even large areas, such as on the back or shoulders.

So before you believe the misconception that the laser hair removal cost will be too expensive, take some time to compare how much you’re really paying for those temporary options.

If you’re seeking laser hair removal in Sydney, call and speak to a consultant at Sydney’s premier clinic, Laser by Sia. They’ll explain all their laser hair removal prices in detail and you’ll see for yourself how cost effective they really are.