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Gentlemen! With summer looming, now is the time to tackle that stubborn chest hair and be smooth for the sunny season!

Laser By Sia is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest hair removal technology from the US. This new Alexandrite laser is not only the most effective laser hair removal machine on the market today, it also makes chest hair removal a breeze.

By targeting the melanin in a hair follicle and using light energy converted into heat energy, laser chest hair removal damages the targeted hair follicle, making hair growth difficult, if not impossible.

After your recommended number of sessions, hairs grows back finer, lighter and less noticeable. And if you have one or two laser touch up sessions a year, then that pesky chest hair will become a distant memory.

True or false? Laser chest hair removal gets rid of ingrown hairs too. Click here to find out the answer.

So don’t spend the best months of the year removing chest hair or fighting stubble. Contact Laser By Sia now. Located in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction, and now servicing the Sydney City workforce.