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Laser by Sia is the first clinic in Australia to use this latest laser hair removal technology, offering amazing benefits to their clients.

With the advancement of technology come newer and more innovative discoveries which would surely help make our lives better and easier. Laser technology has helped us get rid of unwanted hair through laser hair removal, an easier and faster way for a hairless, new you. Laser by Sia, one of Australia’s premiere laser hair removal clinics, recently upgrades their laser treatments by using the latest and fourth generation Candela GenteLASE PRO Laser, which is the most innovative addition to Candela’s GenteLASE series of laser machines.

“We never cease to update our knowledge, expertise and technology to ensure that we offer the best hair removal treatments here in Australia. We never settle for second best. We make sure that our quality is world-class,” says Sia of Laser by Sia. “This newest laser technology produces amazing results, not only does it remove hair with faster sessions, but it also reduces freckles, age spots, wrinkles and sagging since the laser’s heat produces thermal stimulation, which is very good for the skin,” added Sia. Clients may now enjoy faster and more permanent results.

Laser by Sia has been in the laser and cosmetic industry for a remarkable number of years now, and has continuously helped boost the confidence of people from all walks of life. Apart from their specialty which is laser hair removal treatment, they also offer other services like facial treatments, cellulite treatments, teeth whitening and even injections and dermal fillers. They continue to improve their services to provide maximum results and satisfy their clients.

For more information about their newest line of treatments using GenteLASE PRO Laser, you may contact them at (02) 8323 7510.