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Considering brazilian hair removal? Before you book in for endless painful monthly waxing sessions, give us a call at Laser By Sia and find out about our brazilian laser hair removal.

Brazilian laser hair removal removes all the unwanted hair of a brazilian wax, with the added bonus of no ingrown hairs and significant hair reduction, following a recommended number of sessions.

That’s right, your brazilian laser hair removal means saying goodbye to waxing and shaving for good! This is because, unlike other hair removal methods, brazilian laser hair removal targets and damages the hair follicle, meaning after your sessions, the hair can no longer grow. Over the long term, this not only saves you in pain, but also money, because those monthly brazilian waxes are no longer necessary!

Our brazilian hair removal also means banishing those irritating ingrowns for good and instantly getting rid of any existing ingrown hairs.

So if brazilian laser hair removal sounds like something you’d like to try, give Laser By Sia a call and enjoy the smoothness!