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A lot of people go for a bikini wax during the summer season to wear bikinis. With the bikini hair removal at Laser By Sia, you can be hair-free permanently, no matter what season it is. You will never suffer from painful waxing and ingrown hairs ever again!

Bikini hair removal using the latest state-of-the art laser technology is faster than a wax. The laser targets and impairs the hair follicles, resulting to regrowth that is steadily lighter and finer with each treatment. After the completion of your recommended number of sessions, you will hardly have any hair on the treated area!

Most people report no hair regrowth; and any minor regrowth can be treated with only one or two touch up sessions per year! Compare this to your monthly waxing and you will clearly see the advantages.

As an added bonus, this treatment immediately kills any ingrown hairs and prevents new ones from developing. Hence, there is nothing else standing between you and the perfect bikini line come summer.

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