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What’s considered normal or even beautiful in terms of pubic hair changes over time. Men and women both considered it extremely sexy to have a healthy growth of pubic hair around the vagina and up over the pubis mons for centuries. As the style of bikinis became smaller and skimpier in the 70s and 80s, it became more common for many women to trim the hair around their bikini lines. This led to various hair removal treatments and what they call ‘landscaping’ in the entire bikini line region.

These past few years, it even became ultra-trendy to go completely bare ‘down there’. Removing all your pubic hair is commonly referred to as a Brazilian hair removal treatment.

Should I Get Rid of All Pubic Hair and Go Bare?

If you ask women who are older than their late 30s, many will tell you that pubic hair is an important sign of actually having reached puberty. To those women, the idea of removing all pubic hair and going totally bare reminds them of being like young children who haven’t reached puberty yet.

However, if you ask younger women what they think, they’ll immediately tell you it looks and feels cleaner to them to be totally hair-free. It’s all in the perception, but many people feel that a Brazilian treatment is more aesthetically pleasing and sexier overall.

Are There Health Benefits to a Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment?

Removing your pubic hair won’t affect your health at all. However, it is important to remember that the method of hair removal treatment you choose can cause a range of health implications.

Shaving – If your preferred method of body hair removal is shaving, you can damage your skin with tiny nicks and cuts that can become seriously infected. It’s also wise to remember that cuts and nicks caused by shaving provide additional entry points for sexually transmitted diseases to enter your blood stream. You also have the risk of causing ingrown hairs, which can become infected. An infected ingrown hair is incredibly painful, unsightly and can cause permanent scars.

Waxing – If your preferred method of pubic hair removal is waxing, be very careful where you choose to get your treatments. Heated wax left sitting in a pot may look clean to the naked eye. However, think about the person who received a Brazilian hair removal waxing before you arrived. The salon technician would have dipped a spatula into the wax more than once after applying wax directly to the client’s vagina. This is an easy way to transmit bacterial infections from one client to another. Unhygienic waxing practices can cause a wide range of possible infections, from simple and easy to cure to life-threatening.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – If you decide to have all your pubic hair removed and you do not want to risk infections or ingrown hairs, you should consider getting your treatment done at laser hair removal clinics. Professional laser clinics provide permanent hair removal options that are quick, effective, and painless. They are also significantly more hygienic, as they use heat and light to destroy the hair follicle. Laser treatments also kill ingrown hairs, which greatly reduces your risk of infection.

Treatments at a laser clinic may seem expensive initially. However, once your treatments are completed you do not have to return as frequently as you would with waxing. You will need just a few sessions to significantly reduce the regrowth and then just one or two sessions each year to maintain and control any regrowth.

If you are keen to remove all your pubic hair for a total Brazilian ‘bare down there’ look, think carefully about your choice of hair removal. There are no actual health advantages or disadvantages to getting rid of your pubic hair, as it is predominantly personal choice.

However, your choice of hair removal treatment is critical. Always opt for a hygienic option such as laser hair removal that will not cut or break your skin or risk bacterial problems. It is also important to go to a reputable and trusted skin laser clinic to ensure that the laser treatment is administered with the best laser technology by experienced and highly-skilled staff.

Here at Laser By Sia, we offer medical grade skin care by highly trained staff so you are sure to get the best Brazilian laser treatment.

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