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Men’s Neck Hair Removal

It might be hard to believe, but a lot of men struggle with unwanted neck hair. This occurs when the hairline ‘bleeds’ down the back of the neck, some of your facial hair grow outside the beard line, or when shoulder or back hair travels back up. neck hair removal We have included a 1 minute  video showing how simple this procedure can be and how you can benefit from it.

This common problem often drives men to use razors, plucking and waxing to remove the undesired fuzz and tidy up the neck area. Unfortunately, these methods are not very effective and often result in ingrown follicles and infections. But Laser By Sia has a better way to achieve a smooth, stubble-free skin. We make use of the latest in laser technology which converts light energy to heat energy.  This energy attaches to the melanin in a follicle and damages it. After a recommended number of treatments, the resulting re-growth strands are finer, lighter and less noticeable, and are generally reduced. Laser by Sia’s men’s neck hair removal method also does away with the occurrence of unsightly ingrown hairs. This is because the heat from the laser destroys any existing infection at the time of your treatment and instantly stops the inward growth. Any regrowth also takes longer and longer to grow back between treatments, so you no longer have to shave, pluck or wax on a daily basis. The process is also more cost effective over time than constantly waxing or using expensive razors. So for discreet, effective, and fast hair removal treatments, visit any of the  Laser By Sia clinics located in Sydney City, Bondi Junction and Castle Hill.

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