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Male Hair Removal

Male hair is a little more stubborn than female hair, and therefore needs the best and most efficient laser technology to treat it.

Thanks to the male hormone testosterone, male hair grows thick, wiry and faster than female hair, making it harder to get rid of and more prone to issues like ingrown hairs, infections and stubble.


male hair removal

But, thanks to the latest technology out of the US, Laser By Sia can easily and effectively treat this problem with our laser male hair removal treatments.

Unlike waxing, our laser treatment actually results in less hair growth over time. Why? Because laser damages the treated follicle with heat. After a recommended number of sessions, the regrowth is finer, lighter and less noticeable, or totally eliminated. A common procedure is brazilian, we have found that more and more of our clients have been asking for this treatment, male brazilian is almost as common as female Brazilian laser.

True or false: Laser causes ingrown hairs. Find out the answer here.

The treatment also ends ingrown hairs as the laser instantly stops any regrowth. Men can also be free of stubble, as you don’t have to wait for regrowth to appear before getting your next laser treatment. What this means is no more unsightly lumps bumps and stubble in between waxing or shaving, and an end to the appearance of the hair from your very first session!

It is also the cheaper option over time because you will only need one touch up session or two a year, as opposed to an expensive monthly wax on an ongoing basis.

So if you want male hair removal or would like to try male brazilian, visit a Laser By Sia clinic near you for a free treatment assessment. Clinics are now located at Castle Hill, the Sydney City CBD and now treating the people of Bronte with our Bondi Junction clinic.

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