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Laser Hair Removal for Men


Laser hair removal is not just for women. Whether you suffer from unwanted back or shoulder hair, an athlete looking for a smooth-skin edge, or just want to tidy up your hair line, laser hair removal for men is the solution.

For men, getting rid of unwanted hair can be difficult. Male hair is often thick and coarse, and waxing can result in painful ingrown hairs which may end up looking worse than the unwanted hair did! Shaving can also be painful and has to be repeated frequently, sometimes up to twice a day if you want to avoid stubble.

It does not matter if your hair is just a fine smattering, or is thick and black,men’s laser hair removal is quick and easy at Laser By Sia.

So to men out there who are interested in laser hair removal for your face, arms, legs, or back, contact Laser By Sia and enjoy a smooth, sexy body now!

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Laser hair removal for men is fast and can be done in your lunch time. It takes only 30 minutes to treat your back, less than 5 minutes to tidy up your eyebrows, and around 10 minutes to groom your genital, facial hair or underarms! See our price list here. Our lasers are made with the very latest technology available, which is good news for you as it means fewer sessions and faster treatment times.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments you will require depends on the area and whether it is hormonal hair, as this may be more difficult to remove. You will need a number of treatments performed every 5 to 6 weeks, until the follicle is damaged enough to no longer support hair growth. You may also need one or two maintenance touch up sessions annually following this.

How does laser hair removal for men work?

Laser hair removal treatments work using Photothermolysis. The light from the laser is converted into heat, which is then targeted at the hair follicle. After a series of treatments the follicle can no longer function.

Why is laser better than other hair removal methods?

Men’s laser hair removal has become increasingly popular as men come to realise the benefits of permanent hair reduction, particularly the fact that men will no longer have to wax every few weeks or shave daily! Other methods such as waxing, creams, and shaving can cause allergic reactions and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal does not use chemicals, so there is nothing to trigger adverse reactions, and your ingrown hairs will disappear immediately.  It is also virtually pain-free, and has absolutely no downtime.

Does it work anywhere?

This method can eliminate unwanted hair found on your stomach, chest, face and genital area, and can also be used for regular body hair such as the arms, legs, sideburns, in between or above the eyebrows, feet and underarms. It can even thin out your beard hair, so you do not have to shave as often!

Why choose Laser by Sia?

We are recognised by the industry as the best in laser hair removal for men, as we are fair and upfront with you – giving you the details of the treatment and what you can realistically expect from it. So if you are a man searching for expert laser hair removal, book now!

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