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Genital Hair Removal

Brazilian hair removal is not just for women anymore! A number of men are now opting to have the grooming procedure done around their genitals or speedo line for the smooth, sexy and hygienic feeling it gives.

At Laser by Sia, we specialise in discreet, almost painless and permanent genital hair removal for men.

So if you are looking for all year round smoothness, contact Laser By Sia now for an appointment!

How long does it take?
The entire process is very quick. It only takes about 5 minutes to get rid of unwanted hair at the base of the penis, or about ten minutes to remove the same from the scrotum (balls). You can also tidy up your speedo line, defining the area and separating it from the dreaded ‘run-in’ or carpet effect with the rest of the hair on your body.

How many treatments will I need?

You will need a few laser hair removal treatments on your penis or other areas, performed every six weeks, until the follicle is damaged enough to no longer support hair growth. You may also need one or two sessions annually to touch up the area.

How does it work?
Our procedure makes use of Photothermolysis, which simply means converting light to heat – this in turn impairs the chosen follicles.

Why is laser better than other hair removal methods?
Laser hair removal on the penis, speedo line or scrotum is now in demand as men come to enjoy the hygienic feeling of permanent follicle reduction and a clean appearance without the constant maintenance.

Plucking individual strands is painful and time consuming; and waxing, creams and shaving can cause allergic reactions and ingrown hairs. Alternatively, the method we have access to is very fast, uses no gels or chemicals of any kind, and can actually remove ingrown hairs instead of causing them. You can also get your next session before the growth even reappears, so no uncomfortable stubble!

Laser By Sia is recognised by the industry as one of the best, as we are honest and upfront with you about the entire process. So if you are want to be swimsuit ready, book now!

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