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Chest Hair Removal

Most men have chest hair in some form. But just because you have chest hair does not mean you have to keep it!

At Laser By Sia, we are specially trained in removing, reducing, or even shaping your chest hair. Our laser hair removal techniques can help you with your problem, leaving your chest smooth and hair-free all year round.


Chest Hair Removal

So if you might want some chest hair removal or even if you are just interested in some reduction so it becomes finer and lighter, contact Laser By Sia now!


How to remove your chest hair.

Chest hair removal is easy and practically painless with Laser By Sia. It takes only 25 minutes to do your entire chest area, or about 10 minutes to shape and define your chest hair, separating it from ‘run-in’ with your snail trail, stomach, or underarm. Our lasers are the very latest technology available and are the most effective method available today.

How many treatments will I need?

You will need a number of treatments to remove your chest hair, performed every 5-6 weeks. You may also need up to two maintenance appointments every 12 months.

How does it work?

Laser works by using Photothermolysis. This means taking light energy from the laser and changing it to heat, which attacks the follicle, rendering it sterile. Our lasers also have something called Dynamic Cooling, which freezes the skin on contact, making the procedure practically painless. After the treatment, you can go back to work or home straight away.

Why is this better than other hair removal methods?

Unlike other methods, such as waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams, our laser technology delivers near permanent results. Laser also ensures you do not have to suffer through unsightly ingrown hairs, rashes, waxing burns or any other side-effects from other methods, making laser the best solution!

Does it work on other parts of the body?

Laser treatment works on the stomach, back, face and genital area, and can also be used for regular body hair. A very popular treatment is back and shoulder hair removal for males.

Why choose Laser by Sia?

We are recognised in the industry for our chest hair removal, as we are always honest with you. So if you were wondering about how to get rid of your chest hair for good, book now!

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