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Back Hair Removal


Perhaps no other unwanted hair causes more insecurity for men than back hair. A lot of men suffer acute embarrassment and even diminished self-confidence over this problem and the social stigma it often provokes.

Fortunately, there is a permanent solution! Laser by Sia offers quick, easy, and highly effective back hair removal for men.

back hair removal 

How long does laser hair removal take and what does it cost?

The entire process takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the area to be covered, and costs around $250. For more details and available payment options, click here.

How many treatments do I require?

You will need a minimum of six sessions, with one done about every five weeks, until the follicle is sufficiently damaged to no longer support hair growth. You can maintain a smooth, hair free back seeing us once or twice a year for touch-up treatments.

How does it work?

Laser by Sia’s back hair removal treatments use Photothermolysis, which uses light turned into heat to damage the root or follicle. This is why the technique is more effective than waxing, creams or shaving.

About laser hair removal

This is a great way for men to remove all the unwanted hair growth on their backs and get smooth, stubble-free skin all year round. It uses no gels or chemicals, and instead relies on the latest technology to take care of undesired follicles, for the best results in a smaller amount of time.

Does it work anywhere?

Laser treatments also work on the chest, belly, face and genitals, and just about any body part you can imagine.

Why choose Laser by Sia?

If you want the best way to gain a smooth, hair-free back, visit Laser BySia on your next free lunch hour. You will find that not only are our results the best you have ever seen, but that we are also fast, efficient and affordable.

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