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Meet Sia

With over 12 years experience in the cosmetic industry, i have trialed and performed an array of cosmetic and laser treatments which has enabled me to actively choose the correct equipment and products that deliver actual results for my clients

I have always been passionate about my skin and keeping it youthful, but without relying on what i call ‘drastic measures’.  I feel that most women today aren’t aware that there are treatments and products that can be extremely effective, if not just as effective as mini face lifts or surgery. The technology that is now available to us, i feel bridges the gap between your traditional beauty treatments and dermatologists or surgeons. We now have access to incredible advance technology that is clinically proven and delivers fantastic results without the downtime, high cost or short term results woman have been used to in the past.

We also have a completely alternate philosophy in how we approach the skin. My belief is; that constant exfoliation and removal of the upper layer of skin ( Epidermis) though traditional chemical peels or erosive equipment and lasers, can only deliver a short term result. We don’t age from the top layer of our skin (Epidermis),  but rather due to a depleting Dermis underneath. If we damage the surface through ‘trauma’ then all collagen, elastin, nutrients, oxygen and co factors are sent out of the Dermis to fix the surface. So you could say it’s like stealing from Peter to pay Paul, but it’s really Paul we need to ‘fix’

We have very effective ways of triggering collagen and elastin but we do this from within. We have the equipment and products that allow us to treat your skin from the inside out and NOT the outside in. This means NO downtime, discomfort, or short term results. Our treatments deliver real results which our clients are able to view for themselves,  as we document and photograph the improvements in the skin. So you will see visible results for yourself!

I have an amazing team of therapists that i train myself and believe are just as passionate about what they do as i. I believe in not only treating clients but educating them too so they have a full understanding of how and why treatments or products do or don’t work.

I invite you to come in and allow us to customise your very own treatment plan so we can get you to a place where you are skin and body beautiful!

I believe that every woman deserves to shine no matter her age!

Sia Hendry

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