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Underarms Hair Removal

Underarms Hair Removal

There are very few women who have not struggled with underarm hair removal or arm pit hair at some point in their lives. Getting rid of armpit hair is no easy feat. Before the advent of underarm laser hair removal, the only way to remove this stubborn hair was to wax, shave or use depilatory creams.

The armpits, or axilla, are designed as a part of the body’s natural cooling and toxin release system through the release of sweat. They also help release our natural scent, or pheromones. Due to their very nature, the underarms are delicate and armpit hair removal can be difficult. Hair removal on the underarms can often lead to painful rashes, ingrown hairs and even infections due to the moist, bacteria-prone axilla area.

But now, thanks to Laser By Sia, you can quickly and easily remove your underarm hair.

Our underarm laser hair removalmethod is fast and discreet, and best of all, getting it will mean that you can ditch the razor and waxing kit for good!

Women's Underarms Hair Removal

Women’s Underarms Hair Removal

What are the facts about laser hair removal on the underarms?

Previously, underarm hair was difficult to remove. But now, it is almost too easy. It takes about 5 minutes to take care of this small area for just $60 per session.  Check out our affordable payment options!

Our treatment is the best of its kind as it is fast and hygienic, and after a number of treatments, your underarms will be smooth and hairless. And as a bonus, your ingrown hairs will simply disappear!

How many treatments will I need?

Under arm hair removal takes at least a few appointments to ensure minimal regrowth. After your treatment course is finished, you may need to come in for maintenance a couple of times every 12 months.

Will I end up with no armpit hair after laser treatments?

You may have a few hairs left following the completion of your arm pit hair treatments, but they will be fine, light and soft. Laser hair removal is effective because of Photothermolysis, which makes heat from light. This heat is what will remove arm pit hair as it will render the follicle sterile after a series of appointments. This is what makes our sessions the most effective underarm hair removal treatment available.

Does laser hair removal work anywhere else?

Of course! You can use our treatments to remove unwanted hair on your face, arms, legs, and even your genitals. So take the time to drop by Laser By Sia and see what we can do for you.

Will armpit hair removal hurt?

You will be surprised at how little it hurts! Our new lasers make laser hair removal practically painless. Afterwards you may feel mildly sunburned and red, but this will subside quite quickly.

How do I take care of my underarms after treatments?

After permanent underarm hair removal, try to not pluck, wax or tweeze regrowth, but you may shave. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Laser By Sia and ask our friendly, certified laser experts.

We  can also assist with hair removal on your arms, body, bikini line or face. Are you ready to enjoy life without unsightly hair? Contact Laser By Sia now!

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