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Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Hair Removal

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for most women – wherein they embrace their body’s changes and prepare to bring their little one into the world.  However, many women find that they also encounter some unwelcome hormonal changes too – such as unwanted body hair.

For the mothers who are bothered by this problem, Laser By Sia offers laser hair removal – which is safe to be carried out both during and after pregnancy. So if you need to remove hair, but are unsure what to do during pregnancy, see us for this treatment.

Changing hormonal levels can result to hair growing on your breasts, stomach or face, and hair on the body becomes thicker and darker, making it more difficult for traditional methods of hair removal to handle.  But at Laser by Sia, we offer you a way to get rid of hormonal hair growth easily and safely!

Here are the facts.

Laser hair removal can safely be performed during pregnancy.

Unlike many bleaches and hair removal creams, laser treatments will not enter your bloodstream through your skin.  Because it has no chemicals, it is completely safe to do the procedure even when you are pregnant.

Many women also find that their skin becomes more sensitive at this special time, meaning waxing can be more painful and can cause allergic reactions. Compared to this, our procedure is almost painless, uses no harmful substances, and leaves no residues.

Our equipment utilizes Photothermolysis – which means taking light energy from the laser and changing it into heat, which harms the root of the hair or follicle and nothing else. After a series of treatments the follicle becomes sterile, and can no longer support hair growth.

It does not take a long time and costs are reasonable. 

Laser hair removal is quick and hygienic. It takes only five minutes to treat hairs on your breasts or around your nipples, and even less time to treat your upper lip. Click here for a full price list and payment options. Our lasers utilise the latest technology for permanent hair reduction, so you can ditch dangerous waxes and creams not only during pregnancy, but afterwards too!

You can have just one session, but we recommend more.  

Hair removal in pregnancy is easy. The number of sessions you will require depends on your hair and skin, but you will need to get a few treatments until the hair follicle is damaged. You may also need up to two maintenance appointments per 12 months.

What if the hair’s still there after my pregnancy?

Whether it’s during or after your pregnancy, Laser By Sia can help you get rid of annoying hormonal hair. We can also treat your legs, underarms, bikini line, or even give you a Brazilian treatment prior to the birth, meaning you do not have to worry about waxing or shaving and can just concentrate on being a new mum.

Will laser hair removal during pregnancy hurt?

Our lasers are equipped with technology which freezes the skin briefly. This makes the procedure almost painless. After your hair removal you can return to normal duties straight away or just concentrate on your pregnancy.

Why choose Laser by Sia?

We are experts in the craft of making skin smooth and hair-free, and what we can achieve during pregnancy is amazing. We pride ourselves on being really honest with our clients – meaning you can trust us to do what’s best for you and your baby. So if you are interested in hair removal during or post pregnancy, book now!

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