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Nipple Hair Removal

Nipple Hair Removal

Nipple hair removal is a sensitive issue for many women. This unwanted and often embarrassing hair is hormonal and can be painful and difficult to remove.

Fortunately, nipple hair reduction and removal is now fast and permanent thanks to the most respected laser hair removal clinic in Sydney, Laser by Sia.

Whether your unwanted hair is the result of pregnancy or menopause, or even if you just have a few strands that you wish to banish, Laser By Sia can help.

Here are more details on nipple hair removal:

How long does it take and what does it cost?

Removing nipple hair using our state-of-the-art laser takes very little time – specifically, only a few minutes.  It is also very affordable, as you can see from our price list.

Facts about laser hair removal

Removing hair permanently from anywhere on the body using laser is more common than you think. Our laser uses no chemicals or gels, which is why it can be used for nipple or breast hair removal, and for other sensitive areas such as under the arms and bikini line.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will vary from woman to woman.  You are likely to need a few treatments, performed around every 5 to 6 weeks, until the follicle is no longer able to support hair growth. You may also need one or two touch up appointments per year.

How does laser nipple hair removal work?

Laser treatments remove unwanted body hair through the use of Photothermolysis. This simply means using light energy from the laser and converting it into heat, which sterilises the follicle.

Does laser hair removal work anywhere?

Laser is not just the most effective hair removal technique available for the nipples; it can also be used to reduce hair in other body parts, including: toes, knuckles, above the eyebrows, chest and back.

Will the hair removal hurt?

Our lasers have Dynamic Cooling, which is used by latest laser technology. This freezes the skin on contact as we remove the hair off the nipple. This makes laser hair removal almost painless.

So you are looking for an effective way to remove nipple hair, Book now at Laser By Sia!

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