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Lip Hair Removal

Unwanted upper lip hair is a common problem for many women, particularly following pregnancy or menopause. Considered as hormonal hair growth, it can be very stubborn and can cause much embarrassment to the person.

Lip Hair Removal

Before laser lip hair removal, the only way to remove the troublesome fuzz on your upper lip was to use bleach, depilatory creams, or painful plucking and waxing. Unfortunately, these methods of removing upper lip hair can often cause swelling, redness, ingrown hairs, and even burns and permanent scarring.

Laser By Sia specialises in facial hair removal for women. Our treatments are quick, effective and will help you enjoy life with confidence.

We provide you with sensitive, discreet treatments with our consultants who specialise in eliminating unwanted hair easily and simply. So get rid of upper lip hair and book your appointment now at Laser By Sia!

What does it cost to get rid of upper lip hair?

Lip hair removal only takes a few minutes and we charge a flat rate of $50. Laser hair removal on the face even works on very coarse beard hair, and can be used to neaten eyebrows or reduce sideburns.

How many treatments will I need?

Unwanted facial hair will need a number of treatments to ensure it is as permanent as possible, particularly in the case of hormonal hair, which is reoccurring. The number of treatments will be decided in consultation with your therapist.

How does laser hair removal on the upper lip work?

laser hair removal

Upper lip laser treatments work using heat, which is converted from light energy in the laser. The heat targets the follicle, damaging it so that it can no longer support hair growth. This means no more waxing, plucking or bleaching, as your upper lip hair will be gone, and you will no longer suffer from a 5 o’clock shadow!

Will laser hair removal work for me?

Laser facial hair removal works on everyone, as long as the hairs being treated are not naturally blonde, red or grey. No matter what your skin colour or how coarse your hair is, you facial hair will become finer, lighter and almost invisible after only a few appointments! Upon completing your treatment regime, you will only need one or two maintenance appointments annually to stay smooth and hair free.

Does it work anywhere?

Laser hair removal treatments can be done on all face and body areas on both men and women, except the eyelids. No matter what your skin or hair type, you can rid yourself of any unwanted hair.

Will it hurt?

Our lasers have a Dynamic Cooling device. This freezes the skin on contact allowing the beam to damage the follicle without causing damage to the surrounding skin. This device makes the procedure almost pain-free. After treatment you may feel mildly red and sunburned, which will subside within a couple of hours.

How do I take care of my face after treatments?

Please refrain from plucking, tweezing or waxing any regrowth following your laser treatments. However, you can shave or use depilatory creams on your upper lip in between appointments if you wish. Also, unlike waxing, you do not have to wait for regrowth to get your next laser treatment.

Why choose Laser By Sia?

We are known in the industry as the best in permanent upper lip hair removal as we are discreet and use the very best available technology. So if you want to find out how to have fuzz-free, kissable lips, contact Laser By Sia now!

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