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Stubble Removal

One of the most irritating things about shaving or removing unwanted facial hair is the stubble that is inevitably created.

If this stubble is on an area which does not rub against your clothing, such as on the face, then it can be just mildly inconvenient. But when it is on the neck and constantly rubs against your collar, then painful and unsightly rashes can occur.

Stubble removal can be difficult. Getting rid of stubble used to mean shaving it away, sometimes up to twice a day!

stubble removal

Fortunately, Laser By Sia has an effective and permanent treatment for removing stubble – laser hair removal.

Now, removal of unwanted stubble or other facial hair, on both men and women, is affordable and fast thanks to the renowned Laser By Sia in Bondi, Castle Hill and Sydney.

Interested in removing this stubble hair permanently? Contact the best laser clinic in Sydney, Laser By Sia, now!

Wondering about how to get rid of stubble?
Laser treatment is now faster than a shave, taking only 5 minutes to treat your neck to get rid of annoying collar rash. We can also spend an extra 5 minutes and treat any stray hairs on your cheeks or sideburns. See our price list. Our treatments to remove stubble hair are by far the most effective way to remove them.

Stubble hair removal can help both men and women!
Unwanted stubble can now be a thing of the past thanks to laser treatment. For men, collar rash is a common and often very painful result of shaving. This rash is unsightly and embarrassing. Our treatment will significantly reduce the hair on your neck, making it fine, light and soft. This means you will not need to shave as often, and any regrowth will be softer. It can also neaten your beard line and remove stray hairs on the cheeks, sideburns or eyebrows/forehead.
Similarly, women can remove stubble from the bikini line, armpits or legs.

How many treatments will I need?
Facial hair for both men and women can be very stubborn. The number of treatments needed also depends greatly on the skin, and hair type and colour. The amount of treatment you will need can be discussed on your first appointment, to ensure you get the best results.

How does it actually work?
Laser treatment to remove stubble works with Photothermolysis, which uses heat to destroy the capacity of the follicle to support regrowth. This is why laser is more effective for getting rid of stubble than waxing, shaving, plucking or creams, which do not get rid of the hair permanently.

About laser hair removal
Laser treatment is the best way of removing stubble hair permanently, as it is perfectly quick, uses no gels or chemicals and can be used for sensitive areas. So, if you have been searching for a way to solve this problem, but are not sure which way to turn, we invite you to contact us at our respected Sydney clinics.

Will it hurt?
Our lasers are equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device which allows the laser to pass through without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. This makes laser almost painless. After the treatments you can return to work immediately.

How do I take care of my face after treatments?
After laser treatments, it is important you only shave or use creams to take off any remaining stubble – do not pluck regrowth out by the root. But remember, don’t wait for regrowth before getting your next treatment.

Laser By Sia has a great reputation around Sydney and will remove your unwanted stubble hair fast. So if you are looking to remove and take off your stubble, book now!

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