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It's a Cinch with Laser!

Who does not want to put their best face forward in every situation? But the presence of unwanted facial hair can make doing so difficult, particularly if you are a woman. Treating unwanted facial hair can be tricky and painful with traditional methods, and no matter which of these methods you choose, they are all just temporary.

But through the use of lasers, facial hair removal has become much easier, and has made the possibility of a smooth face a reality for almost everyone. Laser by Sia offers facial hair removal for men and women at their clinics in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD.

If you suffer from excessive facial hair then there is surely no shortage of options you have likely tried in your attempt to rid yourself of it such as:


Shaving – This method is tried and tested, but rudimentary at best. It is time consuming and can also lead to unsightly scarring if not done correctly – which can be especially problematic for women.






Tweezing – This method is also time consuming and painful. Plucking facial hairs can lead to blocked follicles, which can cause redness and bumps.






Electrolysis – This technique uses an electrical current to destroy hair follicles individually. It is permanent but is also very expensive.







CreamsCreams and gels – Late night TV and grocery stores are filled with products that promise to painlessly remove unwanted facial hair, but most are just gimmicks. Most often, many of these products contain irritants and other chemicals that may be dangerous to the skin.






Waxes – Although waxing provides longer lasting results, it can be painful and messy.waxes

Because it is almost painless, hygienic, easy, and fast, many women opt for laser hair removal when dealing with these sensitive or hard-to-care-for areas:

  • Upper lip
  • On the neck area
  • Along the jaw line & side burn area
  • Chin
  • Upper cheeks


Why use Laser Treatment for Facial Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal is ideal for the removal of facial hair because it targets and heats the hair follicle until they can no longer support hair growth, which can result to reduced or even no re-growth. This non-surgical procedure is not only effective but convenient and can be performed in a doctor’s office, medical grade clinic or at a local spa in Sydney, allowing you to experience little to no down time.

Regardless as to where you have unwanted hair, chances are there is a laser hair removal treatment available to address it. Do not fall for products that claim to lighten, remove, or otherwise treat unwanted hair. Get Laser by Sia’s proven facial hair removal treatment. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed.

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