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Removing unwanted facial and body hair can be a chore. Thankfully, there are now several easier and more permanent hair removal solutions available for all. Some still choose the do it yourself route, plucking or shaving their way to smoother skin. Others go for monthly wax or threading sessions. For more permanent hair removal solutions, one can visit a laser clinic where a whole array of hair removal packages is available.

The Downsides of Plucking and Shaving

While most go for the more familiar hair removal methods – plucking and shaving – there is a downside to both. When removing hair on your own, there are risks of ingrown hairs, and of missing spots which are difficult to see or reach. You need to take extra care so as not to end up with razor burn, or chicken skin after tweezing. Another downside to shaving is that hair tends to grow back quickly, and some people with coarse, thick hair, particularly men, have to turn to a razor almost every other day in order to keep hair at bay. Even then, the appearance of unsightly 5 o’clock shadows is quite unavoidable.

Waxing and threading, on the other hand, can be costly when you add up the monthly treatment expenses. Both waxing and threading can cause ingrown hairs and skin irritation as well. These are also not for people with low pain thresholds, as these hair removal methods are not at all pain free. Another downside to waxing and threading is that you need to wait for your hair to reach a certain length before the treatments can be done, and so you will actually have to go through life for a few weeks with quite a bit of unwanted fuzz.

The Benefits of Choosing Laser

Daily, weekly and monthly hair maintenance becomes tiresome after a while, and so many people choose to explore what laser treatments have to offer. There are many upsides to going to a laser clinic over a waxing salon or the do it yourself method. The first and most important among these benefits is that laser hair removal is permanent. Of course, results will still vary from person to person, but the achievement of permanent elimination or significant reduction of hair growth can now be a reality.


Second, with laser hair removal, ingrown hairs are a thing of the past. It destroys hair follicles, and that includes those for hairs which have yet to erupt on the surface of your skin. The process is quick, simple and hygienic. There are hardly any risks of infections or rashes where laser treatments are concerned. The treatments are also relatively pain free, particularly in a more technologically advanced hair clinic. In Sydney, Laser by Sia is also equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device, a state of the art feature on their lasers that freeze the skin upon contact, rendering the treatment virtually pain free, and also protecting the skin tissues around the area being treated.

Finding the Best Laser Clinic for You

If you have decided to explore the possibility of more permanent hair removal with laser treatments, it is best to do some research first on which clinic to choose. There are several options out there, and you should carefully weigh these options based on their cost, efficiency and, when possible, customer feedback. Getting recommendations from friends and family for which facilities are best, and even who among the clinic staff they feel are careful and thorough will help make your experience better. Once you have scouted out a clinic you are comfortable with, and have inquired about their available treatments, all you have to look forward to is the smoothest, softest hairless skin.