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Looking for a top Sydney City laser clinic? You don’t have to go as far to find excellent as you might imagine. Laser by Sia offers medical grade laser services and many other excellent cosmetic services to help you put your best face, smile, and body forward. We take great pride in being the go to laser clinic Sydney has to offer. When searching for a new cosmetic or laser clinic, Sydney City residents need look no further than Laser by Sia.

What Services are Offered at Laser by Sia?

Laser by Sia is so much more than an average skin care clinic. Sydney has plenty of those. We go the extra mile and invest our time and energy towards helping you look and feel your brightest, most beautiful, and most confident best. While we are most famous for being an excellent Australian laser clinic for hair removal, that’s only part of what we offer our guests. These are just a few of the services we offer:

•         Bio light therapy

•         Injectables and fillers

•         Cellulite reduction

•         Chiral skin peels

•         Laser hair removal

•         Laser pigmentation removal

•         Medical grade facials

•         Skin tightening

•         Teeth whitening services

•         Wrinkle reduction

The real beauty at Laser by Sia isn’t in the services we offer but in the advanced technology and equipment we use to provide these services. Even more important than the equipment, however, is the level of training and skill our technicians have for the purpose of helping you look your best.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is one of the primary reasons women, of all ages and from all walks of life, choose to visit an Australian laser clinic. They want it gone and most of them have tried over and over again to get rid of it only to have it keep coming back time and time again. Of all the laser clinics Sydney has to offer, we believe we have the top technology for hair removal and can serve your needs best.

The services we offer our guests for hair removal include:

•         Bikini hair removal

•         Brazilian hair removal

•         Body hair removal

•         Chin hair removal

•         Ear hair removal

•         Eyebrow hair removal

•         Lip hair removal

•         Nose hair removal

•         Stubble removal

•         Underarms hair removal

•         Laser by Sia for Men

While most people associate laser hair removal with women, there are many men who use this valuable service too. We are well versed in the latest technology to make this as painless of a process as possible.

We offer many different men’s hair removal options in our laser hair clinic. Sydney doesn’t have many facilities that are as skilled in dealing with the unique needs men face with hair removal in the beard and neck area. Others may have similar experience, with body hair removal for the arms, hands, genitals, back, buttocks, legs, and chest.

In addition to all the hair removal options you’ll find at Laser by Sia, you’ll also enjoy many different skin treatment procedures if you choose to take advantage of them. Some of the treatments we offer target dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even red irritated skin.

The final note to remember is that Laser by Sia is the only laser skin clinic you need to know about in and around Sydney if you’re in the market for a new clinic to meet you skin care and hair removal needs.