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When it comes to finding a great laser clinics, Sydney has more than a few options from which you can choose. We believe out clinic stands out among the competition for many reasons. Here is what we have to offer you and why you might want to check out our skin laser clinic, Sydney City and beyond, for skin care and hair removal before you even think about taking your laser business elsewhere.

Technological Benefits of Laser by Sia

Laser by Sia is the leader when it comes to laser technology in Australia. The reason is simple. We were the first to bring the advanced Candela GenteLASE PRO lasers to Australia and are still the only skin care and laser clinic, Sydney city and Australia-wide, to offer this amazing technology. We take great pride in being one of the most advanced laser clinics Sydney, and all of Australia, has to offer.

Why Does It Matter?

The Candela laser represents the latest in laser technology. This particular laser uses very precise wavelengths in order to provide results that are completely spectacular. Combine these results with the reputation of Candela lasers around the world, and it creates a powerful combination of trust and results.

If hair removal is your goal, these advanced lasers provide permanent hair removal in as few as eight sessions. This is a number that has been completely unheard of in the past for permanent hair removal results. But these lasers are not limited to delivering hair removal results. They are also excellent choices for procedures that lighten freckles and age spots, and reduce excess pigmentation in the skin. One more beauty benefit women (and men) throughout Australia are thrilled to learn about is that the unique thermal stimulation created by these lasers also works to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Treatment Options with Sia

Sia offers a wide range of services to our patrons. Some of these services are more intense than other services. In addition to the hair removal services offered at Laser by Sia, we also offer pigmentation removal, cellulite treatments, facials, injection treatments, teeth whitening, and fillers. In other words, we offer the total beauty package for men and women that are interested in presenting a better face to the world. This is also not something all the laser clinics Sydney is home to can claim.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or simply believe it is time for a change, let us help you turn back the clock, eliminate unwanted hair, and face the world in a better frame of mind right away.

Sia also offers a wide range of hair removal services for men and women alike. While in the past, women have made up the vast majority of hair removal clientele, men are making the choice to remove hair in some locations more frequently today than ever before.

Men’s hair removal services at Sia include beard hair removal, neck hair removal, manscaping, back hair removal, chest hair removal, genital hair removal, buttocks hair removal and many more options. Women’s hair removal services at Sia skin laser clinic include facial hair removal, eyebrow hair removal, bikini hair removal, Brazilian hair removal, vagina hair removal, bikini ingrown removal, nipple hair removal, and more.

Do not suffer with signs of aging and unwanted body hair a second longer than is necessary when you can enjoy fast results from our laser clinics. Sydney residents do not need to look any further to find lasting results for their skin care and hair removal dollars.