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If you’re considering undergoing permanent laser hair removal treatments, you will need to seek out the services of a professional skin laser clinic. There are several to choose from in Sydney, so always be sure you choose a professional company with a long-standing reputation for excellent service.

Before you book an appointment, here are some things you should ask your consultant

What Treatments Are Available?

Most laser clinics will offer laser hair removal treatments that are designed to eliminate unwanted body hair permanently. There are different types of lasers being used for permanent hair removal, so always keep yourself well informed of the results that you can expect to achieve with the specific types of lasers in the clinic you’re considering.

However, a good quality clinic will also offer medical-grade laser treatments to remove cellulite or to reduce the appearance of age spots, or pigmentation. When you book an appointment at a Laser by Sia clinic, you’ll learn that they offer non-surgical cosmetic and anti-aging treatments that include injectables and fillers. They also provide professional teeth whitening service to restore that white smile.

What Types of Hair Removal Treatment Are Available?

It’s surprising how many women spend years visiting the same waxing salon to get their legs or bikini lines waxed, only to be surprised at the alternatives that a laser clinic offers. Laser treatments can be remarkably effective for facial hair removal, such as eliminating hair growth on the upper lip or under the chin.

Women are not the only ones who visit clinics for treatments. You should find that a good clinic will also happily offer men’s hair removal as well. Some men look for discrete and confidential body hair removal treatments when they feel self-conscious about unwanted hair on the back or shoulders. Others want nothing more than some permanent ‘man-scaping’ to neaten the scenery.

What are the Laser Treatment Costs?

One of the primary reasons so many people put off enquiring about laser hair removal is the perception that the price tag will be high. This is a common misconception, simply because most people usually do not try to work out exactly what the real costs are.

When compared to the constant on-going costs of visiting a waxing salon every three or four weeks, the price of laser treatments is considerably cheaper overall. The amount you pay for your initial four to six treatments adds up to far less cost to you than the money you pay to a waxing salon month after month for years to come. This is simply because your hair always grows right back after waxing, but with lasers the hair follicle is completely destroyed, so it can’t grow back.

Despite the number of skin laser clinics around the Sydney area, laser hair removal prices can vary greatly. It’s important to compare the value for service you receive before booking your appointment. This will help to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible treatments and getting the best results for your money.

Laser by Sia’s premier treatment clinics offer laser hair removal in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and in the Sydney CBD, so there’s a convenient location to suit almost everyone. If you’re searching for laser hair removal in Sydney, call Laser by Sia and compare the difference.