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Laser by Sia provides laser, skin care, and other cosmetic services to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Our myriad of treatments includes hair removal, pigmentation removal, injectables and fillers, cellulite treatments, teeth whitening, and other non invasive treatments.

Our philosophy of service begins with your first scheduled consultation where you can let us know your preferred treatments. We will then examine your skin, ask you a set of questions, discuss our treatments and procedures, and custom design the best treatment program for you.

Our advanced treatments help restore your skin’s essential balance, reverse the effects of aging, remedy skin problems, rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, and rescue your inner glow. Get the latest, proven procedures for unwanted hair removal, acne control, correction of facial imperfections, and cellulite management.

Products & Treatments

LASER HAIR REMOVAL. An effective treatment for permanent hair reduction, our laser hair removal treatment is carried out by our fully qualified, specially trained, and highly experienced staff. We use Candela Alexandrite laser, which is a truly effective laser technology, and the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which makes the procedure almost painless.

INJECTABLES AND FILLERS. Facial wrinkles add character but some wrinkles can be unsightly. Injectables help reduce wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, on the corners of the mouth, and other parts of the face, while still allowing you to display your natural expressions. Skin loses collagen as it ages and we address this with dermal fillers to plump up creases and lines and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. These products provide immediate, long lasting, and natural-looking results.

PIGMENTATION TREATMENTS. Wrinkles around the eyelids, melasma/brown spots, acne and surgical scars, imperfections in pigmentation, texture, and pore size— all of these can make the skin look uneven. Laser, Ultrasonic, Regen pen and Peel Infusions rejuvenate, stimulate collagen production, and reduce imperfections.

TEETH WHITENING. Certain habits and lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or wine, and the natural aging process can leave you with stained or discoloured teeth. We can help you get your smile back to looking its best with our whitening treatment that achieves the long-lasting results.

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.  Laser by Sia’s Skin Care Products offer the best regimen. For all skin types and conditions, our products deliver visible results within the first 2 weeks of use.

Starting with a free consultation, we listen thoroughly to your needs to develop the best treatment and maintenance program for you. Achieving your desired results is our highest priority and we have the experience, skills, products, and technology to deliver excellent results.