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Going to a beauty salon to remove unwanted hair has become a ritual for many. Unsightly hair is a nuisance that people spend tons of money getting rid of on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Contrary to belief, this is something that affects both men and women.

Overgrown hair is not attractive to many people. Women like to equate a man’s masculinity to the amount of hair that is on his body. A sexy, hairy chest can be a mood enhancer for some. However for other women, the presence of body hair on a man is a complete turn off. For example, a man who has too much hair on his back is not considered sexy or hygienic for some women. As you can see, women are not the only ones who are plagued with unwanted body hair.

The Ritual

So, what do men and women do about removing body hair? They spend countless hours trying to get rid of it by waxing, shaving and using other forms of hair removal. These methods actually become a part of a daily ritual for many because of the amount of hair that needs to be removed on a constant basis. No matter how much itching, burning, irritation or pain that they cause, these methods are still used by the majority in order to remove unsightly hair.

Hygiene is King…and Queen

Why do so many people put themselves through these painful rituals? Why not just let the hair grow and not worry about shaving, waxing and using harmful creams? People remove hair for various reasons such as religion or their background in general. However, the main reason that people remove hair is for hygienic reasons. Removing hair from certain parts of the body is considered to be a part of the regular grooming ritual. It is a necessity.

If not removed, it is thought to be unhygienic by many. This is especially true when it comes to hair on the female body. Many societies believe that it is an eye sore and just plain rude for a woman to have armpit hair or to have unruly hair in the bikini line area. Depending on the culture, when a woman refuses to shave these areas, she is perceived to be uncouth or not hygienic. But, for those who do choose to shave these areas, there are better options for getting rid of hair than shaving and waxing.

Sia has Solutions

Laser hair removal is a safe, fast, effective and hygienic way to permanently reduce hair growth in any area. All it requires are a few sessions to decrease unwanted hair permanently. However, do not trust your laser treatments to just about anyone. Make sure that you use a reliable and reputable company such as Laser by Sia, which has three Australian clinics to help you with your hair removal needs. Treatment is administered by a team of professionals – highly trained in hair removal among other cosmetic procedures. Each clinic has a calm and relaxing environment and has the latest technology in laser hair removal.

Laser by Sia offers affordable, comfortable and safe hair removal services for both men and women. Women can have the procedure done in areas such as the genitals, arms, face, bikini line and legs. Men can opt to have it done in areas such as the chest, ears, nose, back and legs. Laser by Sia is an Australian laser clinic that you can trust with all of your hair removal needs.