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Undoubtedly, permanent laser hair removal is the best hair removal treatment there is. It is cost-effective over the long-term, there are no side-effects, and you get near-permanent results. The increase in popularity of this particular hair removal treatment has led to laser clinics popping up like mushrooms after a good rain. Unfortunately, not all of them will offer you the quality of service you need, especially when they are dealing with something as sensitive as your skin. So, here are a few warning signs that the skin laser clinic you are considering is not a good option.

They’re Stonewalling You

It is natural to ask questions. After all, you are putting yourself in their hands and they will be using a laser on your skin, so a little trust is important. If you get stonewalled when you start asking questions about their machines, their procedures, and whether or not they will do a test first, then maybe you have chosen the wrong place for body hair removal.

They Use Older Equipment or IPL

If they answer your questions but you discover they are using older equipment or IPL, then maybe you need to consider another laser clinic. Older lasers are not quite as effective and would probably require more sessions than with the use of some of the latest technology, making your total laser hair removal cost higher.

Intense pulsed light or IPL systems are far less effective than even older lasers. IPL might be cheaper per session, but that is because the technology is also cheaper and is practically useless when compared to newer lasers. In the end, you will find that the prices of treatments using new laser technology are much more attractive because you will only need a few sessions to remove any unwanted hair.

The Staff Have Little Experience and No Qualifications

Any laser clinics worth their salt will have highly-experienced medical technicians that have been trained to the highest degree. They might have a few novices, but they will always have an experienced tech with them. If the staff at the clinic you visit avoids your questions regarding their qualifications, then you really need to check out other clinics.

They Refuse to Give You a Patch Test

A patch test is where they use the laser on a small portion of your skin to ensure that the treatment will work well on your skin. If they refuse to do this, or they are willing to forego it, then you need to be careful.

Skin is sensitive and someone who does not know what they are doing can hurt you, especially if they are using older equipment. A patch test will let you see how capable they are as well, so you really need to make sure you get one first. The clinic’s willingness to give you a patch test also reflects their care and concern for their clients.

That goes for men too, even if you think you have tougher skin because you are a man. You can end up with permanent scarring, especially if you have gone in for facial hair removal. You are better off looking for a clinic that will do the test without quibbling. In fact, quality laser clinics will insist on this test, which is a sign you’re in the right place.

The Laser Hair Removal Price Is Suspiciously Low

We all want to save money, but if the laser clinic in question is charging prices that are much lower than any other clinic, you have to wonder why. You might discover that either they do not have the expertise or they have a poor reputation. Even worse, you might find that you go in expecting to only need a few sessions, happy that you got a great price, only to discover it is actually going to cost you twice as much as any other clinic because you need a dozen sessions!

Choosing the right clinic is essential to get great results without any problems. And while there are many laser clinics to choose from, you need to be cautious, do your research and ask questions.

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