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Client Testimonials

“After 6 IPL treatments I still had a fair amount of hair and after being promised 4-6 treatments with IPL you could understand why I was so disappointed. A friend of mine was told she would need on average 8 treatments with laser and already after 5 has less hair than me. I decided to go to Laser By Sia and just after 1 treatment I could see the difference between Laser and IPL. I have spent a fortune on IPL but at least I know now that I will get results using Laser By Sia’s state of the art lasers and their treatments are half the price. I guess I should thank my friend for finding Laser By Sia!”

– Simone, Newtown

“I had patches of hair on my Back but it was scattered. I went to a salon that offered IPL treatments and told me that I would need 4 treatments and my hair would be gone. I also had to pay in advance and was locked into a contract for thousands. I was a bit concerned but after they reassured me that the treatments would be successful I proceeded. After a series of treatments I was horrified to find that I had more hair than when I started! I was furious and said I wanted to stop treatments. I was given excuses and told that I would still have to pay for the rest of the treatments even if I was not going to continue. I decided to check out other clinics and went to Laser By Sia to see what they had to say. They never promised the unachievable and there were no look in contracts to sign. They advised that I do 1 treatment with them and see if I notice a difference. I am on my 3rd treatment and happy with the results. I’m glad I made the switch and advise anyone else to do the same.”

– Micheal, Surry Hills

“Going to Laser by Sia has changed my life. I no longer have to worry about removing my hair daily by shaving. I’ll never have to worry about shaving cuts or rashes again.”

– Lisa, Bondi

“I was nervous about having laser hair removal but after going to Laser by Sia I never looked back. Laser by Sia has a professional and friendly environment. I felt truly comfortable and the clinic is lovely.”

– Tanya, Vaucluse

“It’s just amazing. I used to suffer tremendously from ingrowns and now I have a perfectly smooth and clear bikini line, not to mention hair free! Going to the beach has become a pleasure and not an embarrassment.”

– Sue, Bellevue Hill

“My facial hair used to keep me a prisoner in my own home. It was so embarrassed and would never leave the house until I got waxed. I found that I had also lost my self esteem and the hair was limiting my social life. After just one visit to Laser by Sia, I was amazed. The hairs grew back thinner and were less noticeable. I was waxing every 10 days, now I’m hair free for 5 weeks at a time. My self esteem has risen and I now have the social life I’ve been dreaming of. Thank you.”

– Monique, Queens park


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