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Procedures & Techniques

There are many hair removal methods to choose from. From waxing, shaving and sugaring, to electrolysis and plucking. Some are permanent, some are not. Some are very painful, and some cause ingrowns rashes and burns.

Laser is the most effective and the most advanced of all the hair removal techniques available today. Laser By Sia in Sydney optimised the laser hair removal procedure, so our clients can enjoy the best results.

Laser by Sia believes that laser hair removal should be available to everyone. So our clinic offers budget conscious hair removal methods and procedures, which are also the most effective.

Our laser hair removal methods can remove unwanted hair from places like your face, ears, eyebrows, chest, feet, genitals and more. So contact us for near permanent hair removal now!

Why shave or wax when it just grows back and causes nasty ingrown hairs? Why suffer through painful and slow electrolysis when you can treat large areas of hair with laser?

Laser By Sia uses the latest Candela Alexandrite lasers and highly trained staff to permanently reduce your unwanted hair.

Many other laser clinics still use outdated hair removal methods, or make false promises. We do not use laser equivalents, like IPL, at our laser clinic. Our lasers are the most advanced, because they use a single, accurate wavelength of light – rather than a variety of wavelengths – for the best hair removal method and results.

Removal of your unwanted and unneeded hair at our clinics is quick and simple. It only takes around 5 minutes or even less to treat your hairline, bikini line or armpits, or approximately 15-25 minutes to treat bigger areas like the legs or back. As a bonus, laser hair removal will also get rid of ingrowns.

Benefits at LaserbySia

At Laser by Sia, our clients can expect:
• Affordable procedures that actually work
• Qualified, discrete staff
• A plush, relaxing environment
• Lasers that are registered with The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

So if you’re needing a permanent hair removal clinic, which is budget conscious and effective, let Laser By Sia in Bondi and Sydney City offer you the best treatments around.

Laser By Sia’s Sydney clinics are known and respected for permanent hair reduction. We will always let you know what results you can expect, and we use the latest lasers and not old technology. This means, at our laser clinics in Bondi, Castle Hill and Sydney City you will get better results in less time than at other clinics. If you need fast, permanent hair reduction, but don’t know which way to turn, book with us today for a free assessment.

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