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Candela GenteLASE PRO


Candela GenteLASE PRO laser by sia

In keeping with Laser By Sia’s reputation of being at the forefront of the latest technology, and in a first for Australia, we are proud to introduce the newest in laser technology.

We are the First and ONLY clinic in Australia to have the recently introduced fourth generation Candela Gentlelase PRO Laser in our practice.

Laser technology has undergone some amazing advancements in recent years, from the older multiple wavelength technologies, like IPL, to new technologies like the Alexandrite laser which uses a very precise wavelength (755nm) for amazing results. For over 15 years, Candela with its GenteLASE series of machines, has been considered to be the leader worldwide  in the industry.

Our new technology has amazing benefits, meaning our clients now have access to the ‘best of breed’ for laser technology the world over.

The first technology of its type in Australia, it is very effective for permanent hair reduction and in as few as 8 sessions, hair is finer, lighter or does not grow back at all. Read more about hair removal.

Similarly, those suffering from freckles, age spots or other excess pigmentation can enjoy fantastic results. Areas like the chest, shoulders and back can be treated easily. As a bonus, the heat from this treatment also provides thermal stimulation in the skin, for a reduction in wrinkles and sagging. Read more about age spot removal.

So if you are looking for the most effective laser on the market today, visit Laser By Sia, or read more about us here.

Candela GenteLASE PRO Laser Machine

Candela GenteLASE PRO Laser Machine

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