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Systems & Technology

Systems & Technology

Laser By Sia has perfected the permanent hair removal system, so our customers can expect the best, most permanent results.

Laser by Sia is dedicated to ensuring laser hair removal is affordable. This is why our clinics offer some of the most cost-efficient systems and procedures across the country without compromising on quality.

Our laser hair removal system can remove unsightly hair from most body and facial areas, except for around the eyes, so contact us for treatment now!

Laser hair removal centres are everywhere nowadays. But some of these clinics use outdated systems or apply other ‘no nos’, such as making you pay upfront.

We never use older laser machines, such as IPL, at Laser By Sia. Our lasers are the best technology in the world today. In fact, our lasers emit an exact wavelength of light – which is the perfect wavelength for laser hair removal.

Removal of hair at our clinic is simple. It only takes 5 minutes to treat your hairline, bikini area, underarms or your neck to banish annoying collar rash, stubble and ingrowns, or around 15-25 minutes to the back or legs.

Laser By Sia is renowned in Sydney and Australia as the most professional at permanent hair reduction. We are honest with our clients and we will always tell you what you can expect. We use the latest laser technology and not others, which means our equipment will work faster, in fewer sessions. So if you are interested in discussing permanent hair reduction, book today for a free assessment at Laser By Sia.

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