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Laser Hair Removal Process

Laser Hair Removal Process

Lasers used for hair removal are absorbed by melanin. Melanin is what gives our hair and skin its colour. The laser works on a concept based on Photothermolysis. This is taking light and converting it into heat, and this heat damages the follicle. After a series of appointments the follicle actually becomes sterile, making it unable to support regrowth.

We are able to treat all ages, sexes and even darker skin tones. Our Candela Alexandrite lasers are equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device which freezes the skin on contact allowing the light to pass through the skin without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. This makes it almost painless.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is an individual with light skin and thick dark hair. These individuals will receive the best results. If an individual has dark skin and dark hair, they can still be treated, but may need more sessions.

A series of treatments are performed every 5-6 weeks. Hairs grow in cycles and it is only during the growth phase that the follicle is susceptible to being treated. You may find that one treatment has very impressive results, but several treatments are usually necessary for the best results.

Once an area of your body has undergone laser treatment, pulling the strands from the follicle contradicts the treatment, therefore waxing, plucking and using emjoi are not allowed. However, one may shave, cut, use depilatory creams or clippers as often as needed.

After a treatment you can return to work or your daily activities immediately, as there may only be mild redness which subsides within two hours at the most.

The lasers we use are genuine, and not an IPL or Intense Pulsed Light machine. Since lasers deliver light at one specific wavelength, that which is most specific for hair, the energy that can be used is much more effective in destroying the follicle. IPL machines deliver a wide range of wavelengths and are more likely to damage skin at higher energy levels. You will be more effectively treated per session with a laser and will therefore need fewer sessions than with other laser equivalents. Be sure the treatment you choose is with a laser and not IPL. Most clinics cannot use true laser, and try to claim that IPL is an equal substitute.

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