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How much will my laser hair removal cost?

How much will my laser hair removal cost

There is no doubt that laser hair removal is the best way to go if you want a smooth, hair-free body throughout the year. Just the thought of not having to shave, pluck or wax before leaving the house is enough for most people to turn to laser.

But some people balk at the higher up-front costs with this treatment, and instead keep on reaching for the razor or waxing kit. So you may be interested to know that this treatment at Laser By Sia will actually cost you less in the long term than other methods. Why? Our research has shown that while laser may cost more in the first year than shaving, waxing or other traditional hair removal methods, savings are quickly made in subsequent years. Check out our calculator here.

This is because unlike shaving, waxing, sugaring etc, a laser treatment actually damages the follicle, resulting in less regrowth at the end of your recommended sessions. In fact, most people report that they only need one or two touch up sessions per year, as opposed to a wax every four weeks, to keep themselves completely free of unwanted hair!

You do the maths: add up what you would spend on professional waxes, expensive razors, after shaving lotions, ingrown hair lotions, shaving creams and everything else you need to constantly maintain the areas you want to keep smooth.

You can start to see that, as a longer-term investment in smooth skin, laser is the clear winner.

So, what will this treatment cost you? Let’s look at a few examples:

How much will it cost for my bikini area?

Bikini line – the bane of most women’s lives. We all know that the act of putting on a bikini or a swimsuit is not that simple. First, we have to ensure we are neat and tidy ‘down there’, which can mean grabbing for the tweezers or razor at the last minute. Well, laser hair removal means never having to do this again!

Our research has shown that you will need approximately 8 sessions with laser to sufficiently damage the follicles so they can no longer support regrowth. So the best option for the bikini area is the prepay option. Buying a package of 12 means your sessions will cost less, as opposed to buying a single session at a time, which will cost you more.

12 sessions means you will have enough treatments to ensure a 70%-90% success rate, plus a few left over to use as ‘touch-ups’ to keep the area permanently smooth.

How much will it cost for my underarm?

If you prepay 12, as per the above, it will only cost you a small amount per session, with some extra left over once again for touch-ups.

How much will it cost for my back area?

Let’s not forget the boys. Back and shoulder hair removal using wax can cost you hundreds per session. And as waxing doesn’t result in less regrowth over time, you have to do this every single month. As men’s hair can be a little more stubborn, we recommend at least 10 sessions to significantly decrease regrowth. So a prepay block of 12 sessions to treat the back and shoulder area will cost you a smaller amount per session.

As a bonus, you don’t have to wait for regrowth to get your next session, and you will never get ingrown hairs again…ever!

So don’t let the perceived cost of laser hair removal keep you from being as smooth as you can possibly be. This treatment can be used anywhere on the face or body, except around the eye area. And once your sessions are complete, you never need to worry about getting a wax or shaving ever again. Check out the costs of laser hair removal at Laser By Sia.

So make an investment in long-term hair removal, and contact Laser By Sia, now in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction. Check out our special packages.

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